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PERRY GREENE KENNELS, Martha Kalina, Waldoboro, Maine, U.S.A., new owner 1993...

And here's beginning post and sharing of Martha K's also smiling face.  I have earlier photos closer to her '93 purchase/transfer direct from Harry Gray/Northdown/Perry Greene Kennels then I will also upload here as they resurface.  But this later 50th Anniversary Celebration article of & at PGK with Martha's also happy face did resurface this morn.  For Martha indeed proudly further resurrected, renovated, & modernized Harry's kennels then, as Harry had done a decade earlier with remains of Perry Greene's & his family's legacy & estate there in Waldoboro.

Tullibardine purchased, adopted, and were gifted, a various lot of beloved Chinooks from Martha in her early years too.   And Tullibardine's first female founder was indeed one of Martha's top female pups from her second litter-- our Perry Greene Natanis , dob April 28, 1995 (sired by Northdown Kipper out of Northdown Nugget).  Natanis went on to become proud dam of first Tullibardine litter on Feb 15, 1999, sired by our beloved Northdown Ootah, Jack's still youthful & most competent lead dog then, he purchased direct as a stud & sled pup from Harry Gray in '92 (just prior to Harry's sale of his kennels to Martha).  So beginnings of Tullibardine Farm Chinooks indeed also remain proudly rooted in both Harry Gray's Northdown/Perry Greene Kennels and Martha Kalina's Perry Greene Kennels, Waldoboro, Maine, U.S.A.  And the years between 1992 and 1999 were made golden foundation years for Tullibardine then too.  Other founders from those years & other kennels were added to Tullibardine too-- Bowerbank, Howlin Hills, Mountain Laurel, and Singing Woods.  But it remains true today some of our top Tullibardine/Atholl Chinooks also yet carry a good percentage blood of Ootah x Natanis.  You see then how I will dare rely on post 1981 Northdown/Perry Greene Kennels bloodlines yet then.  For they too came in strong breeding and working ability Chinooks.  Both Harry and Martha possess a good eye for a good dog and a good CHINOOK, in my opinion.  Harry hit the nail on the head in early '93 when he finally chose Ootah for Jack/Tullibardine.  And Martha in turn hit another nail on the head in mid '95 when she chose Natanis for Jack/Tullibardine. And  we/Tullibardine, therefore, worked hard to further learn and apply our own eyes for good dogs and good CHINOOKS.  It is an art.  And Martha did well with the dogs she purchased and inherited from Harry then in '93, imo.   

The Lincoln County News, Damariscotta, Maine  April 24, 1997

The Lincoln County News, Damariscotta, Maine  April 24, 1997
Backroads 'Chuck', Northdown Nugget pups (incl. PG Castine), Mt Laurel Chi'Nook', Victors 'Kobuk'

Narrative of the Above early 1990s Kalina owned Perry Greene Kennels Brochure, Waldoboro, ME

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